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So, you finally bought the car of your dreams. It most likely came equipped with all the features that you think would make the ownership experience perfect. But sometimes, even a vehicle you buy that has everything you wanted still has room for improvement. Wanting more comes naturally to all of us right?

The great thing about the desire to pretty much pimp up your ride is that there is ample opportunity to invest in products that will enhance your driving experience and even complement built-in features already available in your vehicle.

We perused through a ton of available aftermarket accessories that we think would be a solid choice for your vehicle. Many of the gadgets on the market came out on top and we did the difficult job of picking out the best five out of the bunch. In making our decision, it came down to three important criteria: functionality, long-term value and ease of installation.

Pioneer CarPlay/Android Auto – Head Unit

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are the latest and most popular in-car connectivity systems today and most new cars are being outfitted with these systems right out of the gate. But what about those of us with not quite new vehicles, should we be made to miss out on this? Pioneer doesn’t seem to think so and have designed a series of in-dash receivers that are able to connect wirelessly or through USB to both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

The receivers incorporate Android Auto’s Google Assistant and Apple CarPlay’s Siri. Both voice activated assistants allow you to input navigation instructions, choose musical selections and even open/close your garage all through voice command.

Screen sizes range from 6-inches to 7-inches and the main menu on the touchscreen is infinitely customizable. There is even a hidden DVD player that is smartly tucked away beneath the head unit itself and only shows when you request for a DVD to be inserted. Installation should be done by a qualified accessories technician which will ensure it works as intended when the installation is completed. 

Hudway Cast

With so many things vying to take our attention off the road while driving, having a feature that focuses your attention squarely on the road ahead is never a bad thing. Hudway’s aptly titled Cast head-up display sits right in front of the dash, over the instrument panel, and wirelessly mirrors your screen in front of your eyes. One of the best qualities of this device is the ability to control basic phone functions on your cell while it is in use. You can make calls, change music tracks and even ping your GPS location while simultaneously viewing road directions.

The material used for the head-up display lens is transparent and focuses the virtual image about nine feet ahead of you and is glare resistant during both day and night conditions.

Pruveeo D700 Mirror Dash Camera

The world of dash cams is a very exciting one. There are now so many sizes to choose from and some even have multiple functions at very cost effective prices. The D700 highlighted here is a prime example of a dash cam with a perfect balance of features and functionality.

It boasts a 7-inch touchscreen (built into the anti-dazzling rearview mirror) and dual front and rear view cameras. In addition, you can toggle through various images, thanks to the picture-in-picture display. This format enables the ability to view single or dual images possible with the use of the single front camera or with both front and rear camera.

The 150 degrees wide-angle lens ensures your view is always substantial and prevents the incidence of glare on very sunny days. The auto displaying parking image feature automatically shows the parking image in full view whenever the reverse gear is engaged. Installation is straightforward and involves just a few simple steps to both connect and simultaneously charge the device.

Inflatable Car Jack

Your vehicle is not indestructible and eventually, there will come a time when you need a jack to replace a flat tire. All vehicles come standard with a jack from the factory, but sometimes these jacks are not made equal and some of them are quite unwieldy and can make something simple like lifting your vehicle quickly become a pain in the ass.

Enter the Best auto inflatable car jack, made from high-density nylon with semi-glass reinforcement. Designed to keep your hands clean and let you quickly get your vehicle raised, there is an exhaust connector port that pumps it up to operational size. Once there, it can lift and hold up to four tonnes of weight. When it is not in use, this jack smartly flattens and can be hidden out of sight from kids till you need it.

Fobo Tire Plus

Tire maintenance should be at the top of the list of maintenance items you check often for two reasons. First, the condition of your tires directly affects other important components of your car like the suspension. Secondly, tires are the most commonly worn out part of your vehicle. Before your tires do naturally wear out, taking measures to prevent premature wear is smart.

It wouldn’t hurt to have some help and the Fobo Tire Plus is a perfect companion to your everyday driving needs. Rather than dealing with the stress of using handheld pressure gauges to ensure your tires are always properly inflated, the Fobo Tire Plus system uses a series of Bluetooth gauges located on each wheel. Information such as current tire pressure readings as well as abnormal tire pressure readings is relayed directly to your smartphone through a free app. Installation is a breeze because there is an app available for iPhone and Android phone users. Within the app, there is a manual which takes you through each step of installation.


Tips 4 Keeps

Getting accessories for your vehicle is always exciting, but it can also be a way to make your driving experience a safer and more productive one. The best thing about all this is, there is an option for everyone price wise and functionality wise. You will have multiple choices with aftermarket accessories, but not all gadgets are created equal. Remember to always ask yourself this question: Is the price too good to be true? If "yes," then stay away. Tellz Auto carry some of these accessories at very affordable rates in our Abuja Office.


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