5 Used Vehicles Perfect For Ride Sharing Drivers

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In 2010, Uber officially started its operations and offered services which seemed like a trendy novelty initially. Fast forward to a few years later, transportation needs in urban areas have become more challenging and what seemed like a one-off innovation has become the benchmark solution for worry-free transportation.

Uber now offers services in more than sixty countries and all you need to join in on the fun is a solid driving record, good auto insurance, a respectful demeanor and a dependable vehicle to transport passengers in.

There are no serious restrictions on the vehicle type except it must have at least four doors, a roadworthiness certificate, be a model year 2000 or newer and a working radio. That gives a lot of flexibility to choose from a lot of interesting options on the market.

You have us to point you in the right direction and we have a list of amazing vehicles which fit the bill in their own unique ways.

Volkswagen Jetta

The 2006-2011 Jetta is a perfect fit when it comes to Uber transportation. Apart from having a peppy 2.5 liter five-cylinder engine, the Jetta has over 37 inches of rear seat legroom; above-average space for a vehicle of this size and perfect for your passengers to stretch out and relax. Safety is an important concern to have for both the driver and passenger(s), the Jetta comes standard with side curtain airbags and seat-mounted rear side airbags.

About that 2.5 liter engine, it does give the best of both worlds in terms of engine performance and fuel efficiency. 0-100 km/hr sprints happen in about 8.0 seconds, perfect for dashing quickly from one passenger pickup to the next. Also, moving through traffic swiftly should be a breeze because the instantaneous 170lb-ft of torque arrives low in the rev range and always gives the power you need to move through traffic effectively.

All that performance does not reflect negatively on fuel economy as one would naturally expect. A combined city and highway fuel consumption average comes in at 8.5L/100km, which is pretty much top of its class. Your wallet will thank you if you consider this vehicle for your ride-sharing driving needs.

Toyota Corolla

You can never go wrong with a vehicle that has a nameplate which has sold more than a million units globally so far. Toyota’s Corolla has defined itself as the go-to vehicle for anyone requiring bulletproof reliability, solid driving manners, and low ownership costs. The completely competent 2013 - 2017 models have exciting exterior and interior looks, a sophisticated chassis with enhanced sound deadening and a suite of active safety driver assistance features standard on all trim levels.

This generation has an unreal 42 inches of rear legroom, more than ample for your passengers to relax and not feel claustrophobic.

Toyota Safety Sense, the name used to cover the entire suite of driver assistance features offered on all Corollas help automatically stop the vehicle and detect pedestrians who accidentally end up in your driving path. As an Uber or Taxify driver, you can only control how safe you drive and a vehicle that will be there for you when those unexpected road obstacles come your way is a good advantage to have for both you and your passengers.

The 1.8 liter engine is very thrifty and has a very easy to use 6-speed manual transmission. For those who don’t want to shift for themselves, a revolutionary CVT automatic transmission also mimics the feel of traditional automatic transmissions. Fuel economy is solid and operating costs with this car should be on the low end when you add in the low cost of maintenance and excellent reliability.

Subaru Crosstrek

The 2011 Crosstrek is one of Subaru’s best selling model globally and it does a lot of things right to justify that title. Ride sharing can involve a lot of airport runs and the ability to ferry both passengers and luggage effectively is a major benefit.

The Crosstrek is sub-compact in size, but you wouldn’t know it from the over 570 liters of space in the trunk with all the seats in place. Rear seat passengers enjoy an ample 36 inches of space too. With this vehicle, there is more potential to transport more passengers and luggage at the same time. Despite being a simple car, a sophisticated multi-link suspension gives the Crosstrek an almost luxury car ride which also adds to its attractiveness.

Every Subaru comes standard with an all-wheel-drive system that the manufacturer has fine tuned to perfection. Not only is it a much physically smaller car than a typical all-wheel-drive system, but that weight savings also helps to reduce total vehicle weight and enhance fuel consumption for the Crosstrek.

Kia Soul

The Soul started a new wave of small but space efficient sized vehicles back in 2009. Since then, it has remained a solid and reliable vehicle for a lot of transportation needs.

This Kia blends nostalgic a wacky but fun design with a surplus of awesome interior features. The front and rear seats have multiple adjustability with the rear seats allowing for several configurations depending on passenger and luggage requirements. Your passengers will enjoy comfort because those seats can fit any shape and size. It also helps that the Soul has more ground clearance than a typical passenger vehicle. That can help dampen even the worst of road bumps and keep your  passengers comfortable no matter what rough road detours you may have to take to avoid annoying traffic conditions.

Honda CR-V

The first-generation CR-V is the oldest car on this list but make no mistake, it is as capable and even surprisingly will enhance your earning potential perhaps more than the other vehicles on here.

Honda makes some great engines and the one powering the first generation is no slouch. Horsepower from the willing 1.8 liter is an adequate 126 but this engine is all about power to weight ratio. Available power is smartly put down in a way that makes you think it is more powerful than it is. A no-frills engine like this is good for maintenance due to less complex parts and amazingly, the CR-V has incredible fuel economy with a combined city and highway fuel rating hitting around 7.2L/100km.

Another great part of choosing the CR-V is having access to a vehicle that offers a lot of interior space in a small exterior package. This is good for parking easily in high-density urban areas.

The CR-V has appeared in multiple publications who have complemented its amazing reliability ratings even after a decade of ownership. So, you can end up driving a car that lessens your driving expenses but still does not compromise on passenger comfort.


Tips 4 Keeps

The services ride sharing apps offers for both a driver and passenger are very useful in terms of offering a unique way to make money and be transported respectively. Choosing the right vehicle for your partnership with these companies is the first step to making the best out of it and maximizing your earning potential. Familiarize yourself with the most popular event venues, shopping malls, public places and bars in your city. The best strategy to maximize profit is to minimize the number of empty miles you drive.


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