10 Vehicles That Debuted And Became Instant Classics

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It is fair to assume every manufacturer wants to have at least one classic car in their line up of vehicles. Not all automakers end up having that privilege, but for those that do, it can be a good thing for the brand relevance wise.

We are lovers of vehicles that caught our eye the very first time they were introduced, and we also admire how much these vehicles have not lost their charm over the years after their intro. There are so many gems that fall into this category, but we can’t write on all of them. Instead, we will focus on the top 10 out of the bunch.

1998 – 2002 BMW 5 Series

This is without a doubt the best BMW ever built. The build quality on these are outstanding and they were offered in a variety of engines and body styles. You love diesels? You could get this in both a station wagon and a diesel engine. Love to wind your 5 series around the track every weekend? The M5 came with a crazy quick shifting automated manual transmission and a V8 delivering 400 horsepower and 395 pound-feet or torque. For those wanting just a state-of-the-art modern luxury midsize car with lots of tech, the 530i and 540i trim levels had rich looking leather seats, advanced navigation and sports suspension available. Even now, subsequent generations that came after failed to top the timeless and classic design these 5 series were known for.

2009 – 2015 Mercedes Benz GLK

The GLK is Mercedes Benz’s little truck that tried to blend ruggedness and luxury in one package and did an extremely good job doing so. Mimicking its much bigger brother, the G-class, this crossover has a lot of chunky lines, an energetic V6 with over 300 hp and a lot of innovative safety features. Mercedes introduced the first generation of its parking assist feature on this model and there are a ton of more exciting features that were available as options on higher trim levels.

The icing on the cake when it comes to this vehicle? The GLK is the most reliable Benz the company has produced in a decade. Pretty much a perfect choice for the automotive collector who wants a modern-day classic in their garage.

1998 – 2006 Audi TT

This sexy coupe got a lot of attention when it first got revealed to the public. Looking like Audi taking wild leaps in design, it instantly became a hit with consumers globally. Both a coupe and cabriolet version were available and the cabriolet version even had a profile that remained handsome despite the presence of a cloth roof.

A lot of turbocharged engine options were available and in terms of exterior colors, they all came out unique with options including a shout yellow metallic choice and a brown clear coat that resembled a baseball glove color.

2016 – Present Honda Civic

Honda took a radical approach when designing the current Civic and it paid off in so many ways. Making a sedan look like a coupe without turning away loyal customers is an impressive achievement. The Civic manages to look unique but still simple enough to attract a variety of drivers.

Honda also introduced their first 1.5-liter on this model, and it has gone on to be used on other models. The Civic also has an interior that is modeled after subcompact luxury cars and it ends up feeling like a class above whether you are driving the vehicle or being the passenger.

The model is due for a replacement in a few years, but we think this Civic will become the most popular Civic Honda has ever made.

2011 – 2018 Hyundai Veloster

The niche car segment can be a lonely place and we always welcome new entries to the group. The Veloster ticks all the boxes when it comes to a car that just doesn’t want to belong. It has a typical three-door configuration, can’t decide if it wants to be a hatchback or coupe and it has a name that sounds like a dinosaur. Either way, Hyundai obviously set out to build something that was both fun to look at and drive in and they succeeded.

1991 – 1996 Honda Prelude

Honda has made a lot of very good and exciting vehicles and the Prelude is one of their top ones. This sport car has the typical qualities of a good-looking ride; a classy swoopy design, brand legacy and a beautiful sounding engine.

Previous generations had a characteristic pop-up headlight design that was abandoned by this generation. This was an intentional effort to push the image of Honda sports cars towards a more mainstream look and attract more sales. They are rare to find these days and would be the perfect addition to any classic car collector’s garage.

1984 – 1993 Mercedes Benz 190E

Up until this car’s introduction, Mercedes had never made a compact sedan. The 190E thus became an experiment of sorts for the brand. The 190E’s aim was to attract a younger audience and provide a sportier driving experience. It also signaled the new design direction Mercedes intended to take the brand to from the 90’s onwards.

2003 – 2009 Hummer H2

The Hummer knows what it is and makes that clear in every way possible. This vehicle has such an imposing presence on the roads and driving beside one is an entertaining experience. Weighing way above the general norm for a vehicle of that size, it feels like you can take this vehicle anywhere and still come out unscathed.

It had powerful engines that tried their best to move that much weight effectively, but performance figures were average at best. The H2 was not a vehicle to buy for performance or handling purposes. It was more of that automobile that helps prove a road worthiness point.

1997 – 2004 Mercedes Benz A-Class

This hatchback was a bit of an oddity for Mercedes Benz. Known as a predominantly luxury brand, the A-class was not something you would expect from a company known for making classy looking cars, but it was a vehicle they desperately needed. Mercedes traditionally skews to a much older clientele and over time were losing their business to younger customers. Hence, the A-Class was an aggressive way to target that audience and revamp the brand’s image for the 21st century.

1995 – 2001 Honda CR-V

The compact crossover category has become the ideal vehicle choice for almost anyone who wants the convenience of good fuel efficiency but without compromising on comfort and utility. The CR-V has been one of Honda’s best sellers for a long time now, but it was this version of the vehicle that started it all.

The first-generation model was a perfect size for growing families, has a cutesy look and was blessed with the company’s bulletproof reliability. Even now, many examples of the vehicle remain in great condition and it would still be considered a great buy till this day.

There are many dealers with well-used examples of these amazing vehicles. Look around and if you are itching to have one of these classics on your driveway, take the plunge and give yourself a chance to own something with a bit of a legacy.


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