Night Driving: Five Important Safety Tips That Can Help

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Driving is one of the most important skills you will learn in life. Not everyone is meant to own and drive a vehicle, but at one point in life, you may be required to do it for what so ever reason. Driving is hard work and always requires a 100% concentration and driving at night even comes with more expectations and responsibilities regarding safety and staying alert.

For those of us that do most of our driving at night or that new born you’ve been expecting decides to come in the wee hours, there are several things we should have in mind with night driving and it is our responsibility to make sure the vehicle is up to task functionally and mechanically to ensure safe driving at night.

We love having a safe driving environment and we have gathered a few tips to get you prepared for driving at night.

Familiarize Yourself With Vehicle’s Headlight Housing Condition

Over time, your headlights housing can glaze over and affect the light output’s effectiveness. This does not apply to all vehicle makes. Some manufacturers such as Audi and Mercedes are putting in extensive research in headlight technology and creating headlight housings which are resistant from wear and tear due to constant sunlight exposure.

For those of us with typical headlight housings, make sure your headlights are free from debris regularly. If need be, invest in a product that cleans your headlight housing and, in some cases, even protects the housing from glazing over again so quickly. The best option is the 3M Brand 39008 Headlight Restoration Kit which is the highest rated cleaning solution amongst both automotive enthusiasts and newbies alike. 

Additionally, make use of your fog lights in misty conditions and during every maintenance interval for your vehicle, ensure the condition of the lights are checked extensively.

If you are still not satisfied with the performance of your headlights at night time, there are a wealth of aftermarket options that can give you safer lighting output. Our recommended option is the OPT7 LED Headlight which is designed with three major goals in mind; protection from harsh sunlight, well-sealed housing design and hassle-free installation in 20 minutes.  

A simple way to make the condition of your headlights a priority in your mind is to always make it a point to get it inspected during your annual or semi-annual vehicle service visit.

Anticipate Headlight Glare

Driving at night means you must deal with a constant onslaught of headlights shining directly in your line of sight. There is even very strong led lighting that seem overwhelming at first but can be easy to get your eyes used to.

Smart drivers will choose a light setting that gives them optimum vision but does not affect other drivers or blind them. Despite that, roadside glare can occur due to the combination of surrounding lights and objects that make driving lights get reflected in unusual ways.

When this happens, it can unnecessarily distract you. Pay attention when this happens and if possible, switch lanes when it is safe to do so. Stay in a lane where the lighting that is being reflected is not producing glare on your windshield. Also, if possible, seek alternative routes with optimum lighting that can make your driving safer.

Keep The Radio Or Sound System Volumes Down

Who doesn’t like jamming to upbeat tunes while driving at night? It’s safe to say an accurate answer is most of us. Car karaoke can be a way to bond on a road trip or just another way to distress while commuting home from a long and busy day at work.

Nothing wrong with that right? But the thing is driving at night means less visibility and potentially less time to react to traffic conditions and obstacles on the road. The assumption would be to not worry about what you are able to hear while driving and that could be a big mistake on your part. This safety tip is the most ignored because most drivers may be content with being visually alert but having more than one sense guiding you while driving at night goes a long way.

It would be wise to set your sound system volume to a level that will not affect your ability to hear exterior noises. Your music volume should be set at a level that will enable you to hear emergency response vehicles. You must be able to quickly respond and position your vehicle accordingly for these unforeseen driving circumstances. Failure to do so can net you a fine or even worse, cause a dangerous road accident.

Ambient Interior Lighting

Interior car lighting is good for those times when you need to search for things quickly while inside the car at night time. Also, vehicles that have ergonomically sound interior lighting makes it easier to locate the most important driving controls with minimal distractions.

The intensity of interior lighting does influence night time driving particularly if the driving is extended. Eye strain can quickly set in and setting an optimum level for your interior lights is a good idea. Every vehicle has a dimmer switch that allows adjustment of the light intensity. Some vehicles even have the option of ambient lighting to create a more relaxed mood while driving at night.

Seek a setting that strains your eyes less and do the same for your touchscreen if your vehicle is so equipped.

Have Your First Aid Roadside Kit Ready

Sometimes, things happen, and you could unexpectedly find yourself stranded on the side of the road. Whether it is due to a flat tire or a vehicle breakdown, having a handy toolkit nearby will go a long way. This must be the most important safety tip for driving at night because being vulnerable and unable to stay safe while stranded on the roadside could get dangerous very quickly.

Some manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz and Lexus offer an impressively stocked roadside kit as standard equipment on some of their models and for their other models, you can get this kit as an option at reasonable prices.

Usual materials included in the kit are a torch and a first aid kit. A Swiss army knife sometimes makes an appearance and it might be wise to also invest in a comfortable but light blanket that can bolster that already standard toolkit.

Dependent on the exact scenario, the time spent waiting for assistance is critical. At night time, safety and comfort are essential. Having access to enough light and being able to stay protected from the elements are a must.


Tips 4 Keeps

If you start to feel drowsy, stop and take a drive break. If you’re embarking on a long journey that involves driving through the night, ensure you plan some rest stops at least every couple of hours and grab water or a caffeinated drink to keep yourself alert. Driving tired makes you a danger to yourself and other road users and even can be as unsafe as drink-driving! Finally, remember to always keep your speed down and be on your guard for any unexpected movements.


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