Top Ranked Tires Perfect For Driving In Hot Weather

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There is a thing to be said about vehicle tires. At a glance, they seem so minor when considering the other parts of a vehicle that seem more complex such as an engine and electronic control module. But tires are what brings the whole package home. Tires basically indirectly aid the transfer of kinetic energy to help move a vehicle forward. They also have the distinction of being the one part of a vehicle that is in contact with the road surfaces at all time; that is if you are not driving like the wannabe racers on city streets.

A lot technology has been thrown at tire production over the years and we have uncovered the best brands and models aimed at providing superior driving performance and handling.

There are dizzying amounts of options available to drivers but here are the top choices that deserve to be highlighted.

Hankook Ventus V12 Evo 2

Hankook is a reliable market leader that many automakers have used in their vehicles. Straddling the line between affordability and above average functionality, this Company’s tires offer a great compromise. The Venus has a stylish design with a smaller than average look but still maintaining enough surface area to grab as much road as possible.

Major Features:

There are deep centerline grooves located in the middle of the tire. These minimize rolling resistance and help to increase stability in cornering maneuvers. Very wide surface areas help to distribute heat evenly during aggressive driving and help provide a unique look that is both sleek but also substantial.

Retail prices are very reasonable starting at around $90 for the smallest sizes.

Kumho Solus KH16

Another budget friendly choice, the Kumho Souls has a lot of good things going for it. It offers flexibility for those drivers who may live in tropical climates but also on occasion experience less than hot temperatures.

Main Features:

It has a deep thread that mimics a winter tire but is not quite one. Instead, that thread helps to redirect water when the weather unexpectedly gets wet. In addition, a thread wear indicator helps drivers to determine wear easily and prep for replacements.

Retail prices starts at $70.

Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tire

An industry leader and made from a combination of rubber blends, this gives it the advantage of maintaining control throughout all types of driving situations in hot weather.

Main Features:

Branded a mass market race car tire, it has an exaggerated wide surface and a deep thread pattern with four deep grooves running the length of the tire. It also has a system called a variable contact patch which allows the tire to distribute its weight more evenly.

Pricing is more elevated than the norm, but this is expected given the more complex nature of the tire’s engineering. Retail prices starts at $125.

Pirelli P Zero High Performance Tire

This tire has a n all-terrain designation and can technically be used for fun off-reading and summer camping activities. The Pirelli name is very trusted and has a lot of history on its side. The tire brand comes in different sizes to fit many sports cars and performance sedans.

Main Features:

It has an atypical thread design with four deep grooves and a smaller one along the outer shoulder.

The rubber compound is also designed to withstand slippage in wet and slushy conditions. These tweaks creates increase in water expulsion capacity which helps with breaking more confidently on wet roads.

Retail prices starts at $155.

Dunlop Sport Max RT2

Dunlop high performance tires have a very good reputation with both light and heavy-duty racing communities. Companies like Porsche and Audi install them in their performance vehicles to allow owners of these cars to access the full potential of their performance prowess.

It also offers a great combination of dry and wet grip. Light and heavy rain is no match for this tire as it actively always resists instances of hydroplaning by funneling water aggressively away from the tire.

Main Features:

Fuel economy is a big part of this tire’s design and it is uniquely the only tire in this group that actively incorporates fuel savings in the way it handles and performs.

Handling performance is also top notch as it demonstrates minimal fatigue and stress in repeated tight corner road courses. Pricing is on the high side but for those who want a summer tire that doesn’t pretend to be anything else, this will not be a deterrent for you.

Tires are only going to get better with time and increasing demands from environmentalists and consumers are continuously encouraging manufacturers to find new ways to perfect tire technologies and soon, we can all begin to benefit from tire technology that makes our cars safer and more cost effective to drive.


Tips 4 Keeps

Despite all that, it should always be remembered that, tires last if you properly maintain them and pay attention to irregularities in their look and sound. There are many resources available to serve as a guide to drive more responsibly and hence lengthen the life of your tire. The quality of your tire can also go so far and relying on your tire’s pedigree while not doing your part will end up in you not getting the intended performance out of the tire. Good set of tires will always enhance vehicle performance.


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