2019 Range Rover Autobiography: The Most Unique Luxury Crossover Out There

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Nothing is more synonymous with British automotive culture than the Land Rover brand. Back in the 70’s, Land Rover released its flagship off-roader, the Range Rover and pretty much became the benchmark for automotive opulence. Four generations later, the Range Rover model line has evolved nicely but has it remained relevant and as desirable? The answer is a definite YES.

The Range Rover line has a dizzying amount of trim levels. There is the base HSE, Supercharged, Autobiography and SV Autobiography. Somewhere in there, there are also long wheel base versions of the Supercharged, Autobiography and SV Autobiography trims. Confused yet? You are not alone in this.

We would like to explore all the different styles of the current generation Range Rover but that would probably end up in having to write a pseudo encyclopedia.  But for the purposes of this piece, we will be focusing on the Autobiography trim level that steps things up a notch luxury wise which is incredible considering the already impressive amounts of luxury features in the base model.

Fascinating Exterior and Interior Paint Combinations

The online build configurator for the Range Rover is a thing of wonder; Trust us and give it a try. It is an amazing source of entertainment. Colors are given a whole new meaning when it comes to this vehicle. Something as simple sounding as British Racing Green looks so beautiful on the Range whether in sunlight or at night.

You can also choose to spice up the interior colors as well with genuine Italian leather and wood combinations. Some of the names of the interior colors are bound to make you stumble over your words (e.g. Ebony/Pimento interior with Pimento Perforated Semi-Aniline leather seats) but you might be too busy staring at the interior to even care.  

Also, the bespoke nature of the Range Rover build process lets you go wild with the color spectrum and build a Range Rover that reflects your personality through and through.

Blind Spot System For Rear Passengers

It can be argued that, the Range Rover is meant to be driven in rather than driven by the owner. Rear seat passengers have the option of seating in a three-across bench seat or there are the individual captain’s chairs with a huge center console hiding a sizable fridge.

In keeping with the focus on rear seat passengers, there is an additional blind spot sensor designed to warn rear seat passengers of incoming vehicles or bicycle riders who might collide with exiting passengers. A distinctive light located on each rear seat armrest flashes a warning to alert passengers in time.

Intuitive Interior Reading Lights

Continuing with the tradition of rear compartment opulence, there is a touchpad that controls how the reading lights operate. Depending on what your needs are, the touchpad has two settings to optimize the reading light output.

One setting makes it easier to use your laptop in the backseat comfortably at night without straining your eyes too much. The other setting targets the reading light to focus on the reading area of whatever you are reading so that you do not have to also strain your eyes excessively.

That same touchpad on the rear seat armrest houses other unique features such as a switch for opening the panoramic sunroof and a switch that enables you to roll down the windows on both sides of the vehicle. 

Adjustable Rear Suspension

The 2019 Range Rover is a big SUV period. With the long wheel base version, this crossover stretches past 200 inches and has a ridiculous ground clearance of almost 9 inches. This height is a big advantage when going through the muddy stuff but loading luggage can quickly become tricky with that height.  

Luckily, the Range has got you covered with a unique feature. There is a button located in the cargo area that can seamlessly lower the vehicle several inches to make it easier to load luggage into the vehicle.  

Helping further is a dual litigate system that unfolds at the top and bottom. Both sides are power operated and deploy very quickly. The bottom part of the litigate when deployed is designed to carry a lot of weight and can be used as an emergency shelf for those spontaneous camping occasions.  

Dual Touchscreen In Center Console

Touchscreens are becoming very popular in vehicles these days. But Land Rover equips the Range Rover with dual touchscreen that are more unique than most.  

Dubbed Touch Pro, a pair of 10-inch touchscreens control everything from the climate settings to the off-road settings for things like four-wheel drive low and hill descent assistance. The way the touchscreens are located, the lighting up process for both when the vehicle is first started makes you feel like you are in the cockpit of a plane rather than a vehicle.


There is no loser here when going for the Range Rover line. Even if you skip the Autobiography trim, the rest of the trims also have something for everyone.

The best way to approach this crossover is to abandon logic and go wild with as much options to create a Range Rover that speaks to who you are. The perfect luxury SUV is out there, and its name is Land Rover Range Rover.


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