Easy Methods To Spotting The Perfect Used Car

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Buying a used car is daunting no matter which way you put it. From dealing with exhausting research to trying to negotiate vehicle pricing, things can quickly seem overwhelming. But is there an easy way to skip the drama? The obvious answer is, yes and no.

Confusing right? Hold on…there is a reason for that not so straightforward answer.

Buying a car is a very personal decision and it is even more pronounced when going for used one. You are pretty much starting a relationship with a vehicle that has had a history with one or more people. Being able to enter this new relationship with the car with little drama will probably be the ideal goal.

No car is perfect new or used. It’s all about what combination of compromises and strengths in a vehicle that speaks to you and helps to make an informed purchase free from potential buyer’s remorse. But even more importantly, keeping an eye out for that perfect used car purchase is a task worth putting a lot of time and effort in.

Single Owner Status

This approach can be somewhat limiting to your search but that is dependent on your patience and goals. A car that has just one owner in its history is more likely to have a more transparent service history and it lessens the research of past owners that must be done and how they each took care of the vehicle.

Also, if the previous owner is very accommodating, you can get a one on one account of the vehicle’s past; something that could be exhausting if you had to do that with more than one owner.

Certified Pre-Owned Status

This applies to buying a used car at a dealership. Certified Pre-Owned vehicles are simply pre-owned vehicles the manufacturer has received back from a lease or deregistered company vehicles that the manufacturer refurbishes back to almost new status.

The great thing about this is, manufacturers have a certain quality standard they aim for when getting these vehicles back to that status. Vehicles under this category are given a multi-point inspection by company technicians, all software updates are completed, and any exterior blemishes and mechanical faults are fixed with original manufacturer parts.

Another bonus is the inclusion of factory warranty for some of these vehicles. Brands such as Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen have warranties for their pre-owned vehicles which usually have the same benefits as those for their brand new models.

Special Edition Models

For certain models of vehicles like Hondas and Volkwagens, there comes a point in the current generation’s lifecycle called a mid-cycle refresh. This is when the model is given an exterior refresh, more standard equipment and maybe an improvement to the power train (engine and transmission).

In some cases, the manufacturer may rebadge these models as a “special edition”; a reworking of a trim level for a vehicle but at the same price with more features as standard. This car will represent more value for money for the new car buyer. That same value will pass down to you when you buy it used because that same car will depreciate the same way as the pre-refresh model that is priced identically.

So, you will be getting a vehicle that will be depreciating at the same level as the pre-refresh car while enjoying the benefits of more standard features and potentially newer technology.

Transparent Service Records

Whether you head to a dealer or prefer a private sale, a potential used car purchase with extensive service records detailing back to the vehicle’s first ever service can signify a potentially amazing used car purchase.

Of course, a CARFAX report can give you a significant snapshot of the vehicle’s service history, but nothing beats having a chronological rundown of every oil change, software updates and other necessary services that were required during that timeframe.  

Immediately Positive First Impression

A potential used car purchase that ticks a lot of boxes immediately is a great sign.

What are those boxes you ask? If the test drive reveals no major concerns, service records are readily available and close inspection of the paint and rims show no concerning imperfections and curb rashes, then most likely you have a winner on your hands.

The windows glass at first sight should look clean with no cracks or large pocked areas. Turning on the ignition switch without starting the engine should tell you more about the instrument and controls of the car. You can learn a great deal just using your eyes on any car even before opening the door.


Tips 4 Keeps

There is no simple answer for finding the perfect used car. What works for you might not work for another. The best thing to do is listen to your intuition, arm yourself with as much research to guide you effectively and seek advice from others in your circle who have been through the same process. The right used car is out there for you and finding it is not far out of reach if enough effort is put in.


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